How to get started with BDSM gently and without risk?

How to get started with BDSM gently and without risk?

So what should we pay special attention to? Safety first! BDSM is quite an invasive activity, but if you practice it wisely, it shouldn’t cause any damage. It is important that the partner with whom we want to explore new experiences is someone we know and trust. At first, you should start with a conversation. Together, determine which practices are of particular interest to you, which ones can be authorized, and set a hard limit that you do not want to exceed. It is also a good idea to establish a security password, although it is not essential. Also, remember that communication is very important when playing games. Both the submissive party and the dominant party should think, but it is the dominant person who bears the most responsibility and who should think for both.
The security password is a word we say when we have had enough

Remember to hydrate the submissive person and adjust the level of play to individual predispositions. If you want to tie yourself together, you should use scissors to allow the tied person to come free quickly. It is also important not to damage the nerves or restrict blood flow to the limbs. However, if you want to feel the pain of SM games, you should be aware that blood or bruising may appear during the session. This does not mean, however, that these practices must leave traces. If you want to avoid this, you just need to optimize the impact resistance. It is also very important to know that a submissive person should stop gambling as soon as they feel uncomfortable.

How do I get into the world of BDSM so as not to hurt myself?
A lot of people wonder how to safely start their BDSM adventure. It is best to do this slowly and gradually. Start with a soft eye patch. It’s a low-key thing that can give a lot of effects. By depriving your partner of one of their senses, the others become more acute. Plus, there’s sweet uncertainty when you can’t see what your partner is doing. The simplest touch is then a surprise, and each stimulus is taken much more intensely.
Add to that handcuffs and tickling with a feather will become sweet torture. When the hands are still, the tickling can cause spasms throughout the body. You can also try on sexy costumes, which determine your role in the games in advance. For dominant women, we recommend the costumes of a policeman or soldier. For submissive women, however, a student or housewife’s costumes will work well. Once you are convinced that BSDM is fun, you can take it a step further and try your spanking adventures.

For starters, we recommend whips, which cause mild but severe pain. If you like such a game, use whips and tweezers which give you a more extreme feel. During these acts, endorphins are secreted during pain, which is commonly considered the hormone of happiness. Just remember not to overdo it and gradually open up to new experiences. Electrostimulation is a whole other pleasure. Electrical impulses transmitted by electrical stimulation devices transmit the signal to the brain, which causes muscles to contract.

Respect and pleasure
And finally, remember what matters is the commitment of both parties, mutual communication, respect, and satisfaction. It should not be forgotten either that women are absolutely not included in submissive roles and men in dominant roles. Yes, most women prefer submission, and most men prefer domination, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t be dominated and men can’t be submissive. Just as it is a myth that BDSM is only fun for people with dark pasts who experienced violence as children. It is an activity that normal, healthy people do. There is nothing disturbing or strange about the love of pain. And remember, have fun, but be responsible!

In which cities do BDSM enthusiasts meet?
If you live in big cities, it will be very easy for you to meet a dominatrix in Toulouse, a submissive in Paris, a mistress in Marseille, and others in the bars and dedicated SM parties. Otherwise, it may be worth registering on a BDSM dating site. You will be spoiled for choice in terms of profiles (men and women). You can chat with the members who interest you, share your fantasies in private (even the hardest), and above all organize your BDSM session as you see fit. Joining such an online community is easy thanks to the internet so have fun!

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