Try out sadomasochism!

Try out sadomasochism!

Sadomasochism is a practice that is undoubtedly frightening because it refers to notions of sadism. Yet there is no such thing as sadism, at least in the sense of violence and cruelty.

Two partners who practice sadomasochism play together in relationships of domination and submission. However, these games are part of the essential fantasies. Everyone more or less wants to feel submissive or on the contrary, wants to dominate their partner at one time or another. However, these fantasies should be handled with caution. Moreover, hard sadomasochism, which encompasses particular practices rather distant from Eros, ultimately concerns only a very small minority of people. On the other hand, so-called soft sadomasochism can be practiced by all couples who have sexual complicity. On the condition of considering it as an erotic game. For example, a little spanking can cause real arousal. Like a bite in the neck or scratches in the back at the time of orgasm.

Free yourself through sex
Often, lovers do not dare to let go because they are afraid of their partner’s reactions. They don’t really know each other and are afraid to go too far or to like it too much… But sex is an excellent palliative to evacuate certain injuries. This part of masochism inherent in human nature can be experienced sexually. All religions are based on our masochism – or if you prefer our guilt. Eastern religions, for their part, evoke karma.

A little soft SM session can help you free yourself. Moreover, many powerful men professionally know it well since by going to consult a dominatrix, they punish themselves while experiencing pleasure.

First, see who feels more comfortable in a dominant or submissive position. Feel free to switch roles to see what works best for one or the other. Then you can massage, stroke, scratch, bite … These are the behaviors that allow your impulses to live.

Some little sadomasochistic games to start
One of the two partners will be blindfolded and the other will have him or her for five minutes. To make the game even worse, you can also tie her hands up. There are fancy handcuffs – in faux fur for example – but you can use a stocking or even a scarf which, passed around the arms, can become real bondage accessories or even serve as a handcuff. Above all, when you try Black Mistress London never hug your neck! Be careful, the links are reserved for insiders and it is in any case useless to tighten too hard. A little slap can be interpreted as a spanking in your erotic imagination. The noise is much more exciting than the gesture itself, it can snap without hurting.

There is a whole panoply of objects specially designed for SM games: a whip, a whip, a blindfold, handcuffs but also clothespins.

It’s all a matter of imagination and mutual respect. For this kind of game, the teacher must really listen to the other. At the slightest sign of panic, everything must be stopped. These are games between consenting adults. You can also provide a joker, at this word pronounced by your “submissive” the game must stop immediately. Once the rules are laid out, it’s your turn to play!

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