What do I need to get started with soft SM?

What do I need to get started with soft SM?

No need to show a vivid imagination (although that can help spice up the game even more!). A way to tie the hands of your playmate is a good start to get into soft sadomasochism: a scarf, a belt, a tie, a pair of handcuffs …

With whom to practice soft SM?
A (somewhat) athletic partner. Having your hands tied casually makes your muscles work: beware of stiffness the next day. With a scarf, belt, or another tie, tie both hands of your partner. Is he standing or lying down? Instead, cross his hands in front: the posture will be less uncomfortable for him. Is he sitting or kneeling? Tie his hands behind his back, a BDSM position much sexier to watch! No need to tie a triple slipknot: the idea is rather that your partner cannot come off easily, but that you also have no trouble releasing them when needed. Here he is immobilized: now all you have to do is drive him crazy. Kiss her neck, her shoulders, stroke her chest, play with her nipples, slowly descend to her belly, and then “accidentally” touch her sex, without insisting. Continue this little game until he can’t take any more. Then let him penetrate you, or rather finish him off with a hell of a blowjob! What if I want to go even further?
Why limit yourself to the hands? The followers of the bondage (translate “agiotage”) also tie the ankles of their partners, to immobilize them completely. It is also possible to attach your playmate to the bedposts or even to a table leg. Remember to always have a pair of scissors handy, just in case. What do I need? A blindfold (a scarf or an old t-shirt will do), a chair, an MP3 player, a pair of headphones, and a sensual and rhythmic playlist. Are you running out of ideas, music questions?

With whom? A partner who has a sense of rhythm and (more or less) the same musical tastes as you.

Start by sitting your partner on a chair and blindfolding them with a scarf or other piece of cloth. Be careful not to overtighten.
Then, equip it with the MP3, and launch the playlist, loud enough so that it is completely cut off from the outside world. Don’t have a lot of songs? No big deal: run them over and over. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the atmosphere and that the rhythm goes crescendo.
Now it’s your turn. Sit astride your partner, and rhythmically wave against their body, up and down, while kissing and caressing them. Neck, torso, thighs … Do not neglect any erogenous zone!
That’s it, he can’t take it anymore? Now is the time to sit on it and enjoy the music! Don’t forget to reverse the roles …

I want to go further! If you want to further frustrate your partner, you can additionally prevent them from touching you. To do this, tie his hands to the back of the chair with another scarf, or a belt. Be careful, however, the game may last a lot shorter …

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