Sadomasochism, when the pain becomes a pleasure

Sadomasochism, when the pain becomes a pleasure

Sadomasochism, when the pain becomes a pleasure
Sadomasochism is a sexual practice in which partners inflict pain and humiliation on themselves in order to achieve pleasure and enjoyment. Still taboo today despite the evolution of our contemporary societies, sadomasochism attracts as much as it questions. If the experience sharpens your senses, follow the guide.
What is sadomasochism?
Sadomasochism is to deliver between consenting adults in sexual games and coded based on the pain and humiliation. Establishing a relationship between dominant and dominated, sadomasochism is a source of extreme pleasure for its followers. It refers to two concepts:

Sadism: it is the fact of making your partner suffer in order to arouse excitement. It takes its name from the famous Marquis de Sade whose libertine writings evoking the pleasure felt in afflicting pain had caused a scandal in the 18th century.
Masochism: the follower of masochism needs to suffer in order to access pleasure. The term comes from an Austrian writer, Léopold Von Sacher, whose work deals with the pleasure of sexual submission.

Source of many fantasies, sadomasochism is a sexual role-playing game in which partners follow their most extreme desires. Pain and enjoyment are inseparable.

How to get started with sadomasochism?
Sadomasochism can have a devilishly arousing side, and it’s a great way to spice up your sex life. It is nevertheless a practice that requires a certain know-how and which obeys well-codified principles, in which one cannot embark without a certain preparation. Sadomasochism requires great trust between partners. The limits must be set upstream in order to avoid any risk of slippage.

Then, we must define the roles of each (but generally this is done in a natural way…) in order to know who will be the dominant and the dominated. To start “gently”, bondage is a good solution. Using handcuffs or ties to immobilize your partner, or being shackled yourself, can lead you to discover sadomasochistic pleasures. You can then order a whole bunch of accessories in specialized shops that will allow you to diversify the pleasures. Some erotic games to start sadomasochism
You have decided to try the SM experience and want to organize a very naughty little evening with your partner? We have some ideas to help you complete this highly recommendable project:

Ignite your senses: sadomasochism is also an atmosphere. Arrange candles around your bed, tie your partner by the wrists and ankles so that he is perfectly immobilized, and run the melted wax on his body (there are special candles whose wax is not too hot). Sensations guaranteed …
A very naughty punishment: learn to use the art of spanking. With the hand, with a whip or a swift, flog the body of your partner with dexterity in order to raise the excitement to its paroxysm.
Have fun changing your identity: do not hesitate to hide under masks or balaclavas so that you can take on the role you want. Now is the time for fun, forget who you are, and let loose.

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