Practical advice to start and try BDSM sex

Practical advice to start and try BDSM sex

Anyone who has watched or even heard of the 50 Shades of Gray book and movie should more or less know what BDSM is. The story is quite specific and not everyone will appreciate it, but there is no denying that it made the idea famous and gave women an excuse to experiment with BDSM. However, if someone has never encountered the term BDSM in their life and is having a hard time deciphering this abbreviation, here is its meaning:

Bondage & Discipline: physical constraints and discipline
Domination and submission
Sadism and masochism – inflicting and enduring pain, humiliation
Who Can Try BDSM?
Anyone who sees something interesting and potentially enjoyable in this way of playing sexually! It is always worth a try. It is best to start slowly and calmly. Don’t do it all at the same time. First of all, it is enough to tie up the arms and/or legs. Then we can introduce corporal punishment or absolute obedience. Remember, BDSM is not about bullying each other. The most important thing is that both parties get along and explain to the other what they want. Be honest and understanding. Listen to each other and respect the decision of someone who doesn’t want to do as much as you do. It is much safer and more enjoyable to follow the previously agreed rules.
Which erotic toys to choose to start?
BDSM isn’t just about handcuffs, collars, gags, and thick ropes. There are currently many sex toys on the market where everyone can find something for themselves. There are gadgets for the more experienced and ready for more advanced games, but also for beginners. The easiest way is to buy a ready-made bondage kit is to buy a basic set of gadgets for BDSM. If you don’t want to spend the money first, take the things you have at home: scarves, scarves, ties, belts, ice cubes, these are all great to start with.

Domination and beating
The blows don’t have to be very strong to be pleasant. It is worth starting with softer, more symbolic strokes, so as not to alienate the beaten from the start. If you like this form of play, you can take it a step further, not just using your hands, which you have spanked lightly so far. Aim your shots primarily on the buttocks and thighs, as these are the safest spheres. Be careful not to touch the kidneys, spine, or abdomen, as you can injure yourself due to a lack of experience and knowledge. Everything can be learned, everything comes with time. You beat with your hand differently, with a whip, or with a whip. Remember that training makes a master. Remember that a person has to give in, boldly say what forms he likes and dislikes. The pain should be fun for both parties.

How To Get Started With BDSM?
The most important thing is to talk to your partner. Be honest and open. Tell him what you are getting into and what your ideas are. Check if the other person is also interested. Exchange ideas and fantasies. It is not good for everyone to leave their own comfort zone, so it is very important to respect each other. Clearly define the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. There will be no awkward situations, no damage and no unnecessary alienation to play.

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